Transparent Brookline

What is Transparent Brookline?

Transparent Brookline aims to compile and present publicly available information in a consolidated, digestible way. You shouldn't need to dig through a dozen pages of the Brookline web site to find an email address for your elected representatives, or open a half dozen PDFs to know what Town Meeting decided last May, and how your Town Meeting Members and Select Board Members voted.

We hope this site can be a tool to de-mystify Brookline governance, to make it easier to engage with and influence elected officials, and to hopefully increase engagement and a diversity of participants in our town. Please reach out to with any and all questions and comments. We're also always open to feedback of all sorts: if you see something you believe to be inaccurate, incomplete, or simply inappropriate, please reach out as well.

Due to initially technical issues, and then other challenges, only the precinct pages listing members and email addresses are being maintained with any level of consistency.

May 2022 Town Meeting

Annual Town Meeting is underway, with the budget taking up most of the energy of the first two nights. The session picks back up Tuesday, May 31 at 7pm. 

To read the entire Warrant with article explanations and reports from various boards and commissions, you can find the Combined Reports and supplemental materials here.

To watch Town Meeting live, or to watch previous sessions, check out Brookline Interactive Group's YouTube channel.

This year, you can also follow along live with some Town Meeting Members, you can view the live "General TMM chat" WhatsApp group