Referral of the Article pertaining to the distribution of articles in the Warrant for Town Meeting to the Select Board

Petitioner: Stanley Spiegel

Annual Town Meeting, May 2017

The cost of the most recent 24 page Voter's Guide, published in a legible font as a TAB insert, was only $1650, which is less than the Town has commonly been paying for printing the warrant in the TAB's legal services section.

If the Town could obtain a similar publication rate, and if the necessary formatting and layout of the warrant could be accomplished without requiring excessive staff time, publication of the warrant as a TAB insert could be an effective and affordable way of bringing to residents an increased awareness of and involvement in Town government.

This option, and possibly others, should be thoroughly explored by the Board of Selectmen before we alter our by-laws.

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Final Result:

Favorable Action

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Official Text of the Article

VOTED: To refer the subject matter of Article 10 to the Board of Selectmen with a request that they explore the costs and other practicalities of publishing Town Meeting warrants in the TAB in a more legible manner than as currently published in the legal services section, such as in an insert similar to the League of Women Voters Voter's Guide, and ask that they report their findings and, if relevant, prepare an appropriate warrant article for consideration at the next Town Meeting.…