Motion to Refer Articles 10-15 to a Board of Selectmen appointed committee

Petitioner: Susan Roberts

Speicial Town Meeting, November 2017

Official Town Meeting Vote Select Board Advisory Board
Final Result:
Community Organization Recommendations
PAX Green Caucus
Official Text of the Article

MOVED: to refer the subject matter of Articles 10 through 15 and Article 1 of the Second Special Town Meeting to a committee to be appointed by the Board of Selectmen for the purpose of further negotiating an agreement with the owner of Hancock Village as to the development of Hancock Village, such agreement to be satisfactory to the committee and the owner, such negotiations to include consideration of the development under M.G.L. 40B, such committee to consist of those principal members of the Town who negotiated the above warrant articles (or their representatives) and their counsel, plus two (2) town meeting members of Precinct 16 acceptable to the Board of Selectmen as suggested by the Precinct 16 delegation, and one (1) plaintiff from the Land Court civil action, Town of Brookline v. Brookline Board of Appeals, et. al. [not sure of correct name of case], with such committee to report back to the Board of Selectmen no later than February 28, 2018 or such later date as the committee shall reasonably request that is no later than the date of the 2018 Annual Town Meeting.