Replace "Board of Selectmen" with "Select Board"

Petitioner: Selectmen

Speicial Town Meeting, November 2017

Article 18 is a petitioned article that would change the name of the Board of Selectmen to the Board of Selectwoman. Members would officially be Selectwomen, but a person would be able refer to him/herself unofficially as Selectman.

While the Selectmen agree with the intent of the article, there was consensus that there were changes needed. The Board understands that multiple communities across the Commonwealth have adopted gender-neutral language, and want to follow suit. Although there wasn't a term that better described the work of the Board, there was agreement that boards are not limited to one gender and the name should properly reflect that.

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Final Result:

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Community Organization Recommendations
PAX Green Caucus
Official Text of the Article

MOVED: To amend the Town's general bylaws and zoning bylaw as follows:

Change the name of the Board of Selectmen to the "Select Board," and to amend each of the Town's General and Zoning By-laws to substitute the term "Select Board" for the term "Board of Selectmen;" to substitute the word "Select persons" for the word "Selectmen"; and to substitute the word "Select person" for the word "Selectman"; and further affirm that upon the effective date of such amendment, the term "Board of Selectmen" shall be taken to mean "Select Board" and the term "Selectmen" shall be taken to mean "Select persons" and the term "Selectman" shall be taken to mean "Select person" for the purposes of all laws, regulations, contracts, agreements or other documents that refer to or are applicable to the Town of Brookline.…