Accept the provisions of Chapter 60 Section 3D of the Massachusetts General Laws authorizing voluntary tax bill relief donations

Petitioner: Selectment's Committee on Senior Tax Policy

Speicial Town Meeting, November 2017

By accepting the provisions of Section 3D of Chapter 60 of the Massachusetts General Laws, Brookline would be authorized (subject to approval by the state Commissioner of Revenue) to design and designate a place on its municipal tax bills, or the motor vehicle excise tax bills, or to mail with such tax bills a separate form, whereby taxpayers could voluntarily check off, donate and pledge an amount not less than $1 or such other designated amount which would increase the amount otherwise due, and to establish a fund, for the purpose of defraying the real estate taxes of elderly and disabled persons of low income.

The taxation aid committee would consist of the chairman of the board of assessors, the Town treasurer and three Brookline residents appointed by the board of selectmen. The committee will be charged with adopting rules and regulations to carry out the provisions of Section 3D of Chapter 60 and to identify the recipients of aid.

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Favorable Action

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VOTED: That the Town will accept the provisions of Section 3D of Chapter 60 of the Massachusetts General Laws, thereby establishing a taxation aid committee and aid to the elderly and disabled taxation fund as provided in said Section 3D…