Select Board Motion to Refer: Resolution regarding the Town's use and approval of Military and Surveillance Equipment

Petitioner: C. Scott Ananian, TMM 10

Annual Town Meeting, May 2018

This article expresses the key goals of the preceding two articles (Community Advisory Committee on Military and Surveillance Equipment and Community Control of Police Surveillance and Militarization) as a non-binding resolution. The petitioner hopes that even if technical issues with the specific language of the new by-laws are found, Town Meeting will be able to express its support of the overall goal via adopting this resolution. The resolution will provide broad guidance to the town if the specific implementing bylaws are perhaps referred to committee or amended.

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Final Result:

Favorable Action

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Official Text of the Article

RESOLVED: That the Select Board appoint a committee to study and report to it on the acquisition, deployment and use of surveillance equipment, and military equipment if any, by Town Departments and by the School Department, and on the policies, procedures and oversight regulating such acquisition, deployment and use and regulating the acquisition, retention, use and dissemination of surveillance data by Town Departments and the School Department. Further, that the Select Board consider including a representative of the CIMS Oversight Committee, the Commission for Diversity Inclusion & Community Relations, the Advisory Committee, Public Safety Departments of the Town, and members of the public and/or Town or School Departments with relevant technical expertise. The work product should include, but not be limited to, inventories of all surveillance equipment and military equipment and, after at least one public hearing, recommendations for any improvements and best practices to be adopted.…