Amend Article 4.13 of the Town's Zoning By-laws to modify density requirements for marijuana establishments.

Petitioner: Select Board

Second Special Town Meeting, November 2018

At the Annual Town Meeting in spring 2018, Town Meeting approved Article 17 allowing recreational marijuana retailers and a variety of other related marijuana uses. Under the section of the Zoning By-Law that relates to the allowed locations of marijuana retailers (both storefront and social consumption retailers, if the latter are allowed in the future), retail establishments are required to be located at least 200 feet apart as the crow flies. An exception to the 200-foot rule was made for retailers who were not located on the street level based on the premise that the vibrancy of the streetscape would not be negatively impacted if a storefront were located below or above street level. After further consideration, some members of the Select Board believe that it would be better for the 200-foot minimum to be applicable for all marijuana retail establishments regardless of what floor the establishment is located. This approach is consistent with our overriding goals of minimizing the concentration of marijuana retailers in any one block, reducing traffic and queueing impacts to pedestrians and the surrounding neighborhood, and distributing marijuana retailers more broadly throughout the town.

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Final Result:

Favorable Action

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Official Text of the Article

VOTED: That the Town amend section 4.13 of the Town's Zoning By-law (Marijuana Establishments) by deleting section 4.13 5.E.5 and replacing it with the following

E. Additional Location Requirements for Marijuana Establishments

5. Density requirements for Social Consumption Marijuana Retailers issued a primary use license and Storefront Marijuana Retailers shall be:

c. A minimum of 200 feet from another Social Consumption Marijuana Retailer issued a primary use license or Storefront Marijuana Retailer. (applicable to uses 29A and 29B)

d. Measured from lot boundary to lot boundary.…