To grant an easement to the Boston Gas Company to install a gas line for Fire Station 6

Petitioner: Building Department

Special Town Meeting, November 2018

A new gas service is required for the new Maintenance/ Training Facility at Station 6. During the design phase, the Town asked the gas company if we could extend the existing service to the proposed facility and we were informed a new service would be required. The gas company is responsible for providing the new service from the road to in front of the gas meter. The Town owns all gas piping after the meter. The easement will provide the rights and privileges for both parties.

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Official Text of the Article

That the Town authorize the Select Board to grant, upon terms and conditions in the best interest of the Town, an easement to the Boston Gas Company permitting it to install and maintain a gas line on the Fire Station 6 parcel located at 962 Hammond Street, said parcel being shown as Lot 42 on Town of Brookline Assessor's Map 130 in Block 441, for the
purpose of providing gas to the facilities located on that Fire Station 6 parcel.…