Amend Article 8.31.3 of the Town's By-laws pertaining to the use of Leaf Blowers

Petitioner: Neil Gordon, TMM1, Andrew Fischer, TMM13

Special Town Meeting, November 2018

Brookline's Bylaws currently provide for a number of limitations on leafblower use. This warrant article proposes two additional restrictions: (i) prohibiting the use (other than by the Town) of leafblowers on public sidewalks and ways, and (ii) prohibiting the blowing of leaves and other debris from private property onto public sidewalks and ways.

Rationale for expanding the Bylaw's restrictions:

Town Meeting has debated leafblower restrictions before, and the arguments, both pro and con, regarding leafblower use and regulation are well known to most Town Meeting Members. The petitioners see no need to rehash those arguments here, and believe that the issue being addressed by this warrant article is straightforward.

Sidewalks and ways are easily swept with a broom. The proposed restrictions on leafblower use do not impose any significant added burden or cost. Let's let pedestrians and others use our sidewalks and ways as intended, without the disruption and annoyance of unnecessary leafblower use.

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No Motion Was Made

Article Withdrawn by Petitioners

Article Withdrawn by Petitioners

Final Result:

No Motion Was Made

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Article 19 was withdrawn by the petitioners…