Resolution regarding Newbury College

Petitioner: Select Board

First Special Town Meeting, April 2019

After the citizen-initiated petition on Newbury College was filed, a group of residents tried to file a companion resolution. It was determined that no additional articles could be submitted in a citizen petitioned Town Meeting. As a result, the Select Board agreed to sponsor the resolution and include it under this Special Town Meeting. The following is the explanation submitted with their resolution: The Newbury College campus has enormous potential benefits and opportunities for meeting many current municipal and other needs, as well as future-proofing the Town of Brookline for generations to come. Located in the geographic center of Brookline, the Newbury College property is surrounded by safe streets, and has ample existing off-street parking. It is wellsituated to address north, south and central school capacity needs. The news of the Newbury College sale has sparked town-wide interest in acquiring this nearly 10-acre site, adjacent to Brooklines newest park, Fisher Hill Park. The acquisition of the Newbury College campus is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that needs to be pursued by the Town of Brookline as quickly as possible.

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Final Result:

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Official Text of the Article

To see if the Town will adopt the following Resolution

Resolution Calling for the Town of Brookline to Pursue the Acquisition of the Newbury College Campus for Municipal and Other Purposes, Including the Siting of an Elementary School.

WHEREAS, within hours after the close of the December 13th 2018 Special Town Meeting, Newbury College, situated in the center of the Town, announced it was closing its doors and selling its nearly 10-acre campus and

WHEREAS, there is broad town-wide interest among residents in the Town for the acquisition of the Newbury College campus and

WHEREAS, the Town is engaged in a process to develop additional elementary school capacity and

WHEREAS, the acquisition of the Newbury Campus provides the Town of Brookline with flexibility, including opportunities for many municipal needs and

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Brookline Town Meeting calls on the Select Board to pursue the acquisition of the Newbury College campus with diligence, good faith and with all deliberate speed.

Or act on anything relative thereto.…