Article to ban the sale of flavored tobacco products

Petitioner: Anthony Ishak; Neil Gordon, TMM1; Kate Silbaugh, TMM1

Annual Town Meeting, May 2019

Tobacco is the only product that, when used as intended, will kill you. Most adults know this, so tobacco companies target youth and other vulnerable populations, in order to addict them as new consumers of their products.

By utilizing candy and sweet-like flavoring, tobacco companies conceal the harsh flavor and to a lesser extent detrimental effects of tobacco and nicotine. Users of flavored tobacco are more likely to start young and are less likely to ever successfully quit.

In an effort to prevent new tobacco starts, cities and towns have started to ban the sales of flavored tobacco products. San Francisco was the first city to do this, in 2017, and the town of Needham became the first in Massachusetts earlier this year.

This warrant article proposes a ban on the sale of flavored (including menthol) tobacco products in Brookline.

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