Resolution pertaining to the Town's response to Climate Change

Petitioner: Jules Milner-Brage, TMM12; Susan Helms Daley; Scott Englander, TMM6; Heather Hamilton, Select Board Member; Blake Cady; C. Scott Ananian, TMM10; Eileen Berger, TMM15; John Bowman; John Harris, TMM8; Linda Olson Pehlke, TMM2; Willy Osborn

Special Town Meeting, November 2019

The goal of this Warrant Article is both to raise awareness in our Town regarding the immediacy of the climate problem and the outsized role that transportation plays in it, as well as to set forth specific suggestions we can follow to reduce our reliance on gas-powered vehicles by (1) providing appealing alternatives to individual car trips and (2) electrifying the remaining car trips.

Transportation emissions constitute not only the greatest component of Massachusetts' greenhouse gas footprint, but also the fastest growing (Commission, 2018). The vast majority of these emissions - and associated toxic pollutants - are from automobiles. At the same time, this year, the Greater Boston Area recently earned the dubious distinction of having the worst gridlock in the country (Boston Globe, 2019). Furthermore, the population of Massachusetts is projected to increase by another 600,000 people, predominantly in the eastern part of the state, by 2040 (Commission, 2018).

We believe this Warrant Article is timely in addressing these critical issues, and also in keeping with other states and municipalities demonstrating climate leadership at this critical time.

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