Amend the Town's General By-laws regarding eligibility for membership on boards, commissions and committees

Petitioner: Neil Gordon, TMM1

Special Town Meeting, November 2019

Some time ago, the Petitioner was made aware of a former resident of the town who was continuing to serve on an appointed board. That led to a review of the By-law as it related to that particular board, and subsequently, to a broader review of the By-laws as they relate to appointments to Town boards, committees and commissions.

Currently, there is no consistent standard for appointment to a Town board, committee or commission. For example, the Audit Committee By-law refers only to the appointment of "members," as is the case for the Commission for Women. To serve on the Council on Aging, on the other hand, you need to be a "citizen." The By-laws are silent with respect to members of the Parks and Recreation Commission. "Residents" serve on the School Committee, but the By-laws are silent with respect to Select Board Members, the moderator and the town clerk.

The proposed By-law amendment (i) makes consistent the language with respect to town wide elected officials, and (ii) sets a consistent standard of "resident," which the Petitioner believes (subject to public hearings on this subject) is the appropriate requirement for appointment to and continued service on a Town board, committee or commission.

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