Resolution pertaining to the maintenance of pavement markings

Petitioner: Christi Electris, TMM7; Robert M. Miller, TMM8

Special Town Meeting, November 2019

In recent years the idea that streets should be safe for all users has become an increasing priority, in Brookline, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and around the world. For example, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation created the Complete Streets Funding Program to support projects that will improve safety, ADA accessibility, pedestrian and bike mobility, transit access and operations, and vehicular and freight operations. In 2019 Brookline applied for and was awarded a Complete Streets Funding Program grant of $234,968.

The Town has not maintained all street markings steadfastly. Pedestrian and bicycle markings are more likely to be faded, incomplete, or otherwise more difficult to see than are other street markings. If we are committed to this infrastructure, it is not enough to do it once. It must be maintained. Just as the Town doesn't prioritize replacing one color light bulb over another when it burns out in a traffic signal, the Town should repaint on street markings on streets with equal priority. This resolution makes that policy directive clear.

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Official Text of the Article

VOTED: That the Town adopt the following resolution:

A resolution calling for the Town to properly maintain street markings for all modes of travel.

Whereas all markings on a street contribute to safety and clarity for users of the public way, including people walking, bicycling, using mass transit, and driving automobiles and trucks, and

Whereas the Town of Brookline's Complete Streets Policy states that "The Town of Brookline shall plan, construct, and maintain its public ways to enhance safety, access, inclusion, convenience, and comfort for all users, thereby creating complete streets," and

Whereas observations indicate that the maintenance of certain street markings intended for pedestrian and bicycle safety - such as crosswalks and bike lanes - has been inadequate to keep up with wear and tear, and

Whereas users of the public way who walk and bicycle are particularly vulnerable by virtue of their mode of transportation, inadequate maintenance of markings has a disproportionate negative impact on their safety, and

Whereas the Town of Brookline budgets for maintaining pavement markings in its operating budget, including those related to pedestrian and bicycle safety,

Now therefore, be it resolved that the Town evaluate and repaint or refurbish all roadway markings as needed.

And further, be it resolved that the Town operating budget shall provide sufficient funds to allow for proper maintenance of street markings for automobile, bicycle, mass transit, and pedestrian use, as well as any other markings that are provided on the public way for the safety of users.